Global Warming

It seems you can’t swing a stick without hitting a global warming activist these days. Now, when I first started reading about this phenomenon, I was pretty skeptical. After all, it was only in the 1970s that scientists were warning of another ice age. So I read a book called “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Bjorn Lomborg.

Bjorn is a mathematician, and he digs into the available environmental data and starts to evaluate much of the published environmental literature. He finds that a significant amount of the public rhetoric voiced by the environmental movement isn’t so well documented. He then starts to look at the trends in air pollution, contaminants, mortality rates, etc. What he finds is that on most environmental metrics, were much better off now than in the past.

So, I figured, here is a real conservative thinker and I’ll bet he’s going to try to disprove global warming.

He didn’t.

The fact is, there is almost no scientific disagreement that global warming is real. And there hasn’t been much disagreement in years. But it has only been in the past 2 years that global warming has really captured the attention and support of the broader public.

I mean, if there is a single issue that has more far-reaching and (potentially) catastrophic consequences, I’d like to hear it. There is considerable debate on exactly how this will play out, how long it will take, and exactly who will benefit and who will lose. But what is clear is that there will be massive, global economic and geographic dislocation. Millions of people and families will have to leave the homes their ancestors have lived in for thousands of years due to drought, flooding or overheating (depending on where you live). There will be millions of lives lost. And frankly, … Read the rest