Franklin Healthcare: How to Fix Healthcare in the United States

Health care in the United States is broken. Every individual deserves access to health care both preventative and emergency. This is a wealthy country, and the idea of letting people die for lack of medical access is unthinkable.

Let’s start with a few premises on healthcare:

  1. Healthcare is a human right
  2. It is in the interest of society to satisfy this right in the most cost effective and efficient manner

Let’s get past the rhetoric and look at the facts:

  • Over the past 15 years, health care costs have increased on average at double-digit rates, far out-pacing inflation. This rate of growth is unsustainable, and is quickly becoming one of the largest single costs for individuals and corporations alike.
  • An uninsured person visiting a doctor pays a rate that is nearly double that of an insured person FOR THE SAME DOCTOR. This is the person that can least afford to pay such outrageous rates.
  • Uninsured people, unable to visit a physician for preventative care, must resort to emergency room care which is orders of magnitude more expensive that preventative care and results in uninsured people not catching major diseases like cancer that are treatable early in the illness.
  • One major reason that insurance is so expensive is that the insured subsidize emergency care visits from the uninsured, who typically have no means to pay for such a visit.

So what can be done about it?

There are three angles to attack this:

  1. Universal health-care coverage
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Obesity management using hcg drops

Franklin and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican no less, have proposed mandatory universal medical care for all California citizens. It relies on a combination of individual contributions, public funding, and corporate subsidies. I think that’s absolutely the right way to attack this. It doesn’t rely on nationalization, and it … Read the rest

Obama Cures Cancer

Barack Obama: makes your skin soft

Barack Obama: cures cancer

Barack Obama: stops aging

At least that is what you would think listening to his zealous supporters. I think everyone, Hillary and McCain included, is starting to realize just how inspirational a speaker Obama is. Listening to one of his speeches you can’t help but be reminded of the famous orations by Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or even Lincoln.

Why are so many becoming inspired by this one man? Has it really been that long since this country has had a truly inspirational leader? Yes, it has. Not since civil rights era politics has there been a speaker as compelling and gifted as Obama.

  • Nixon? Hardly.
  • Carter? Was elected because he wasn’t Nixon.
  • Reagan? Close. Positively engaging and a gifted speaker, capable of relating to masses of Americans on very simple terms. But he wasn’t a truly inspirational speaker. And he had no real dream of “hope” – unless you count hope of lower taxes.
  • Bush 1.0? About as bad as Carter.
  • Clinton? Again, close. Bill was incredibly engaging, and a master manipulator. And he did have a few lofty goals. But not quite in the league of the masters.
  • Bush 2.0? Let’s just say he can’t even say a four syllable word without fumbling it.

And maybe it’s because this time, there are hugely important stakes of a magnitude we haven’t faced in the past three and a half decades. And because Obama is not just on the right side of the issues, he’s capable of inspiring hundreds of millions of people to DO SOMETHING about them:

  • Global warming: “It’s the planet stupid”. The US has steadfastly opposed actions to save not only the world our children will inherit from us but also the entire planet.
  • Healthcare:
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Abortion Facts and Abortion Statistics for Pro Life vs Pro Choice Argument

It is important to consider factual abortion statistics for the pro-abortion and pro-life arguments.

Abortion Fact

There are a startling 42 million abortions worldwide every year.

Over a lifetime, that totals about 1 abortion for every woman on the planet, and in fact, nearly 1 in 2 women worldwide will have an abortion in their lifetime.

I don’t care if you’re pro-life or pro-choice, these numbers are sobering. And let’s get real for a minute. Whether there are laws prohibiting abortion or not, there are going to be abortions.

Abortion fact: about 20 million women each year obtain abortions in countries where the practice is either illegal or restricted. Abortion is our reality.

I can’t really debate whether abortions should be legal under the “do the right thing” lens. That there are strong pro choice and pro life arguments in the abortion debate is not the point. The problem with the abortion debate is that it is about beliefs. Pro-lifers believe life begins at inception, while pro-choicers believe life starts at some later point – often defined as the point of viability of the fetus. And beliefs, by definition, are not provable. Depending on where you come out on this belief, you will argue that abortions are ethical or not.

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, what is generally not debated is that having an abortion is an undesirable, difficult, emotional experience. In an ideal world, there would be no abortions. But these startling abortion statistics show the magnitude of the issue is huge. We should, therefore, work together to reduce abortions and more specifically the underlying causes for abortions.

What can we do? The US government, pro-life groups, pro-choice groups and anti-aids groups should band together in a (somewhat uncomfortable) alliance and focus their resources on the following areas.… Read the rest