Obama Cures Cancer

Obama Cures Cancer

Barack Obama: makes your skin soft

Barack Obama: cures cancer

Barack Obama: stops aging

At least that is what you would think listening to his zealous supporters. I think everyone, Hillary and McCain included, is starting to realize just how inspirational a speaker Obama is. Listening to one of his speeches you can’t help but be reminded of the famous orations by Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or even Lincoln.

Why are so many becoming inspired by this one man? Has it really been that long since this country has had a truly inspirational leader? Yes, it has. Not since civil rights era politics has there been a speaker as compelling and gifted as Obama.

  • Nixon? Hardly.
  • Carter? Was elected because he wasn’t Nixon.
  • Reagan? Close. Positively engaging and a gifted speaker, capable of relating to masses of Americans on very simple terms. But he wasn’t a truly inspirational speaker. And he had no real dream of “hope” – unless you count hope of lower taxes.
  • Bush 1.0? About as bad as Carter.
  • Clinton? Again, close. Bill was incredibly engaging, and a master manipulator. And he did have a few lofty goals. But not quite in the league of the masters.
  • Bush 2.0? Let’s just say he can’t even say a four syllable word without fumbling it.

And maybe it’s because this time, there are hugely important stakes of a magnitude we haven’t faced in the past three and a half decades. And because Obama is not just on the right side of the issues, he’s capable of inspiring hundreds of millions of people to DO SOMETHING about them:

  • Global warming: “It’s the planet stupid”. The US has steadfastly opposed actions to save not only the world our children will inherit from us but also the entire planet.
  • Healthcare: Costs have literally spiraled out of control. Access to a doctor is a human right, and tens of millions of Americans can’t afford insurance.
  • Collapsing US economy: No, it’s not just a recession. It’s a fundamental loss of global competitiveness as evidenced by massive and increasing trade deficits. On some level, we have to produce something the rest of the world wants. Otherwise, they’re going to stop lending us money to buy all those cheap Chinese goods.
  • War: Someone needs to manage our way out of a hugely expensive and unjustified war.

So, there is a hell of a lot at stake here. And the difference between the republican and democratic party beliefs has never been clearer.

Obama: cures global warming

Obama: provides healthcare to millions

Obama: saves US economy

Obama: ends war.

Believe it.

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