Q: How does this work?
A: It is quite simple, here is how it works:
Step 1: Purchase a specified period of time of listing in our dual directory.
Step 2: Select the geographic areas you serve and your desired practice areas of law.
Step 3: Every time there is a match, we will post the prospective client's contact information directly in your control panel. You will be notified via email and/or text message to your cell phone when a potential client directory match has occurred.
Step 4: You contact the prospective client as they have requested to be contacted.
Step 5: Your contact information is emailed to the prospective client.

Q: Is ABA certified?
A: We are not a referral agency. Nor are we a pre-paid legal service. There are no certification requirements for directory advertising websites. We are a directory that takes time period based listings from attorneys to be listed in our directory. If you are concerned about ethical advertising guidelines, according to the literature of several state bar associations, electronic advertising using wholly automated subscription based sites such as are perfectly ethical methods of attorney advertising. However, we are not attorneys, and we cannot be responsible for your compliance as an attorney with rules and regulations of the state bar. If you are really concerned about this you should contact an ethics attorney.

Q: Is in violation of the rule against attorneys providing something of value for recommending the attorney's services?
A: Absolutely not. is not recommending or referring any attorney to our consumer clients. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. It is our consumer clients, who have not paid any fee to use our services, which are filling out an attorney request form and our soliciting their information to the attorneys for the attorneys to consider. In addition, the consumer client is never asked about their case details. They are asked for their contact information and the area of law they feel they need an attorney. The attorneys will then choose which prospective clients they will contact. is a wholly automated, non-discriminatory dual directory matching services. Due to the purely automated nature of our service, we do not refer any particular attorney to any particular client. The subscription based advertising fee we charge to the attorney falls into the one of the permissible advertising avenues for the attorney. Once again, since we are not attorneys, and we cannot be responsible for your compliance as an attorney with rules and regulations of the state bar, you may want to contact an ethics attorney if you are concerned about this.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I receive a directory match?
A: It is impossible to tell. It may take as little as a few minutes or as long as a few weeks until we get a directory match in your specified areas of practice and in your specified geographic preferences. However, we anticipate 5 to 25 directory matches per month.

Q: What if the directory matches I receive do not result in any clients?
A: Much like any advertising, our system is a total numbers game. The longer you list your practice in our directory the better your odds of landing clients. As soon as you get a directory match, you should contact your prospective client and try to determine if you can help them. If so, offer your best price with professional and courteous service and let the forces of business take their course.

Q: How do you verify the directory match?
A: We verify the client's contact information via a national database of cities and zip codes. We then verify the validity of their email address. We also monitor our systems for people that might be filling out forms just to be nuisances.

Q: How do I know the directory matches I receive are going to be fresh?
A: In our wholly automated process, when your requested directory match preferences are met with a client that is perfectly matching your request, we contact that client via email and obtain confirmation to see if they are still seeking an attorney. We re-verify the client is still seeking legal representation every five days. In other words, our directory matches are very fresh and our clients are seeking legal representation. You can see just a sample of the prospective clients we are receiving streaming on our site.

Q: What is the sign-up procedure?
A: Please click here to begin listing in our dual directory and start receiving directory matches. We have several options you can choose from. Choose the time frame that is best for you and your practice.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We are very confident that the attorneys that participate in our directory will become lifelong subscribers. We do all kinds of things in the background to supply our attorneys with fresh directory matches. However, as with any advertising there is no refund for services rendered.

Q: Where can I print an invoice for my records?
A: Once you login to your account, click on the "Invoices" link to print out an invoice.

Q: I am not receiving emails from you. Is something wrong?
A: The emails are probably going into your spam or junk folder. Please check there and add to your list of accepted emails so your "spam" filters will not interfere (add us to your address book).

Q: What if I am not an attorney can I still buy advertising in your directory and sell directory matches to attorneys myself.
A: Absolutely not. You need to be an attorney to participate in our dual directory.

Q: How does this work?
A: Once you fill out an Attorney Request Form, you are in essence asking for attorneys to contact you. We will match your geographic and practice area details with attorneys in our database that have requested to be notified of people that have the same geographic and practice area preferences. Then the attorneys will review your information and contact you to obtain further information about you and tell you more about their legal services.

Q: What can I expect?
A: Once you fill out an Attorney Request Form, it can take as little as a few minutes to sometimes several days to find the right match. It is impossible to tell how long it will take the attorneys to respond. It also depends on how many attorneys in your geographic and practice area preferences that are listed in our directory have expressed interest in receiving your information.

Q: Why should I use you?
A: Instead of calling several attorney offices and waiting for them to call you back and then explain your situation over and over again, you can fill out one form and have attorneys contact you. The best part, this service is completely free to you!

Q: Why is this free?
A: Attorneys pay to advertise in our dual directory. We then provide them with your information if it matches their geographic and practice area preferences. Thus the service is free to you the prospective client.

Q: How much will the attorney cost?
A: You will need to interview each attorney that calls you and obtain that information from them. You should try to interview as many attorneys as you can prior to making your final decision on which attorney to hire.

Q: Will you sell my information to anyone else?
A: No. We only match your information to the attorneys that match your request.

Q: Once I decide to hire an attorney how do I remove my information from your databases?
A: Within minutes of you filling out the attorney request form, we will send you an email that includes your personal ID number. You simply scroll down to the bottom of our site, click on the "Cancel" link and input your personal ID there and your information will no longer be sold to the attorneys.

Q: Are you guys a law firm or a referral agency?
A: No, we are not a law firm nor a referral agency.