Welcome to, the first dual directory of its kind on the Net. Our directory allows attorneys to list their practice and automatically get matched to prospective clients that are looking for their services.

Are you spending obscene amounts of money on phone books ads, web design maintenance, or on search engine advertising? At we can deliver a steady flow of perspective clients to you without you having to do any type of "traditional advertising."

Step 1: Purchase a specified period of time of listing in our dual directory.
Step 2: Select the geographic areas you serve and your desired practice areas of law.
Step 3: Every time there is a match, we will post the prospective client's contact information directly in your control panel. You will be notified via email and/or text message to your cell phone when a prospective client directory match has occurred.
Step 4: You contact the prospective client as they have requested to be contacted.
Step 5: Your contact information is emailed to the prospective client.


Are You Skeptical??

If you are a licensed attorney, someone selling a similar type of service has probably approached you already. You may have even taken them up on their offer, only to discover you received little or nothing in return.

The attorneys who have called our office have disclosed to our phone agents the obscene amount of money they have shelled out in fees to other similar companies and have not even received one case as a result! If you've heard those stories, or worst yet have lived it, you are probably very skeptical about the whole process of some company providing you with the contact information of real people looking for the legal services of an attorney.

We understand your skepticism, but everything should have a limit! Don't be so skeptical where you doubt everyone and everything, even to a point where you doubt your very own chosen career path and the attorney profession as a whole! Some attorneys are so skeptical that even if we offered our service completely free, they would still find one hundred and one reasons why they should not try us out! Folks, fortune favors the bold! If you are so concerned about risking a few hundred dollars that you would not take an offer as real, as legitimate, and as cost effective as this, then quite honestly this site and our service is not for you! Please look elsewhere. However, if you feel that this "risk" is one that you are willing to take, go ahead and get started immediately as RIGHT NOW we have real people in our database that are looking for attorneys. We take requests from people all over the country in almost all categories of law except family law. If you do not act right now and join, these people are going to eventually find some other attorney that will take their case. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to keep these people "on ice" for you. If you are going to do this, you need to do it now!

Quote from an attorney who emailed us after landing on the site:

"Skeptical to say the least. I am a 32 year attorney with substantial trial experience. Contact me if you wish. I am AV rated..."

Q: How long do I have to wait before I receive a directory match?
A: It is impossible to tell. It may take a few hours or a few weeks until our marketing gets cases in your specified areas of practice and in your specified geographic preferences. However, we anticipate 5 to 25 directory matches per month varying on your selected geographic areas and law practice areas.

Q: What don't you do?
  • We do not give preference to one attorney over another.
  • We do not allow attorneys to provide descriptions of themselves.
  • We do not manually get involved as the process is fully automated.
  • We do not ask the prospective client for case details as we are not attorneys.
  • We do not provide "exclusive" matches of any kind.

Q: What are your prices?
A: Our directory listing fee is $295 for a 30 day listing. The billing is month-to-month. No long term commitments. You decide if you want to renew each month.

Q: How do I make payment?
A: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) and any debit card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it.

Q: Will I be the only attorney to receive the directory match?
A: You may be, but that is unlikely. If there are other attorneys in our database that have the same specifications that you do, they will get the directory match as well. This is much like advertising in a phone book, where hundreds of attorneys can be found. The difference is not as many attorneys know about us and we are far more affordable!

Q: Can you guarantee that the directory match I buy will become my client?
A: Unfortunately not. We have no control over what the final decision of the client will be. They may or may not hire you.

Q: Does this work outside of the United States?
A: No, currently we are only taking attorney requests and attorneys from the United States.

Q: Are you a referral agency?
A: No, we are a dual directory that offers attorneys subscription advertising based on a specified time period.

Q: How do I begin?
A: Click here to sign-up. Then follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

What does my control panel look like?
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How am I notified of a directory match?

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How am I notified of a directory match?
Text Message

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What does a client directory match look like?
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